My name is Teddie, and every day I dedicate everything I do to helping people be their best selves. Whether it's nutrition, fitness or happiness, I live my best life by helping others live their's. 
When my close friend and partner at Strides of CNY, Mike, suffered back to back heart attacks, I knew something needed to change.
Tapping into my Biology roots at Le Moyne College and Kinesiology / Exercise Science at SUNY Cortland, it hit me... food. It's what we all consume, but we can be doing it better.
Eating responsibly enhanced my life, and a few years later,  saved Mike's. We are all the secret ingredient to living the life we want, eating what's best for us... brings that to a whole new level.
Chow down on french toast like you did when you were four, scarf guilt-free cookies and eat some kick ass burgers.
Our mission is to empower everyone, regardless of their shape, background or story. We help everyone  pursue happiness at every level.
We're starting our mission with what you put into your body, to get the best out of it. To experience our products yourself, come and visit our booth at this year's Taste of Syracuse, on June 7th and 8th, in and around Clinton Square.
Stop back between now and the event for any updates, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Let's feed our happiness and live our best lives together.